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Mrs. Scarlett's Kindergarten Scholars

Mrs. Scarlett
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Scarlett Class

Farewell, School Year
by Kathleen Amari

As another year winds down,
Let's remember the time we had.
We can smile about the good moments,
And learn from the bad.
Take these memories with us,
And the friendships that we made.
Treasures for a lifetime,
In our minds they'll be replayed.

I wish you the best of luck next school year! 
Missing you much, 
Mrs. Scarlett File:A perfect SVG heart.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Summer Learning Experiences / Home - Registration

Let's keep our bodies going and our minds growing over the summer! Help your child get ready for first grade by clicking on the educational links below: 

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Please complete the enrollment packet online at:  Contact Ms. Bartlett at (571) 440-2381 or Ms. Tia at (571)440-2346 if you have questions or need assistance with enrollment.