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Kindergarten Grade (Week 3) 
Mix a Pancake 
Mix a pancake, Stir a pancake, Pop it in the pan; Fry the pancake, Toss the pancake, — Catch it if you can. 
What food does this poem talk about? 
What does this poem tell you how to do? 
What tool can you use to help fry a pancake? 
On a separate sheet of paper, draw a picture of how you would make a pancake. 
Grade 1 (Week 3) Covers 
Glass covers windows 
to keep the cold away 
Clouds cover the sky 
to make a rainy day 
Nighttime covers 
all the things that creep 
Blankets cover me 
when I’m asleep 
What does glass cover? 
A. the sky  
B. windows  C. things that creep 
Some words in this poem rhyme. What are two words in the poem that rhyme? 
A. “sky” and “covers”  
B. “me” and “asleep”  C. “away” and “day” 

 What is “Covers” mostly about?  
A. things that creep at night  
B. things to do on a rainy day  C. things that cover other things