Week 3
In Week 3, you are asked to do two things:

Week 3 Task 1a

1.) Make music with Kitchenware

*Option 1 (above): using glasses, fill them up with different amounts of water and listen to how it changes the pitches.  Play them by wetting your finger and gently rubbing it around the edge of the glasses rim.  If that doesn't work, take a pencil or light utensil that will not chip the glass and play it on the edge.

*Option 2 (below): Using pots/pans/bowls of differing sizes/shapes (or with different amounts of water in them) play them like a drum upside down or on the edge like the glasses described above. 

Week 3 Task 1b

Week 3 Task 2

2.) Concert time!

*Perform a song for your family/friends with all the sounds you learned to create!