Week 5
Week 5: Challenge 1 
(Labeled Challenge 3 as a continuation of last weeks challenges)

Now you've practiced creating sound effects with our provided story.  Now it is your turn to write your own story!

A story needs:

A setting
Something needs to happen

The boxes are designed to help you brainstorm each different section of the story:

1.) Characters: Who is in the story? (Main character, villain, sidekick, friends)

2.) Setting: Where does the story take place?  What places will the characters go?

3.) Beginning: Where do we start and what happens at the beginning?

4.) Middle: What happens in the middle? Does something change? Something unexpected?

5.) Conflict: Something has gone wrong? What is it? How does it change the story?

6.) Resolution: How does the conflict get resolved?  How or what fixes it?

7.) End: What happens at the end?  How do the characters stories resolve?

In each box, write down some ideas that could work in a story. You can always change what happens, and it is helpful to have multiple ideas for each box, so you can mix and match to make your best story!

Watch this link to help get your ideas going and clarify the different parts of a story:

How to write a story for kids

Week 5 Challenge 1
Week 5 Challenge 1
Week 5 Challenge 1

Week 5: Challenge 2
(Labeled challenge 4 as a continuation of lasts weeks challenges)

Watch this video to get an idea of how to tell a story 

Now that you have all of your sections filled out, review your storyboard.  Make sure you have the following:

A Beginning
A Middle
An End
Some Characters
A setting

Go through your boxes and put the story in an order that you can tell it and that it makes sense.

Next, in each box, put a star next anything in your story you can create a sound for (Like you did in the story last week) then gather objects to make those sounds.

Week 5 Challenge 2

Practice going through your story a few times with the sound effects, change the story to be more simple, exciting, scary, heroic, or anything else you want it to be.  Read through it a few times with the sound effects so that you are comfortable performing it.

Gather friends, family, or record yourself performing your story with the sound effects.  

Week 5 Challenge 2