April 27 - May 1st lessons
Mrs. Scarlett's Weekly Video Message and Shout-Outs! Click link below.

Weekly Math Assignments: April 27th - May 1st

Objective #1: I can decompose the number 10 using 5-group drawings, and record each decomposition with a subtraction equation. 

Objective #2: I can find the number that makes 10 for numbers 1-9, and record each with a 5-group drawing. 

Watch daily math online lessons below. Use these tips to solve story problems: First, read the story problem. Next, ask is something being added or taken away from? Then, draw a picture to represent the problem. After that, draw a number bond to show part, part, whole. Finally, write your number sentence. 

1. Sophie picked 10 flowers, she gave 3 flowers to her best friends. How many flowers does Sophie have left?

2. Osteen had 7 Hot Wheels cars. His dad bought him some more cars and now he has 10! How many cars did Osteen's dad buy him?

When you are done, text Mrs. Scarlett a picture of you and your work. Please submit all work by Friday, May 1st. 
Weekly Math Online Lessons
Weekly Reading and Writing Assignments April 27th - May 1st:

Reading: Scroll below to Online Resources, click on the link "Lots of Books." Read the story, "Earth Day!" 

Writing: I need help! Finish Mrs. Scarlett's List. Help me think of at least (3) more nature activities I can do with my family. Then, circle (3) activities you might enjoy doing with your own family.  

Mrs. Scarlett's List
1. Take a walk around the neighborhood
2. Make a Bird Feeder
3. Create Rock Art

When you are done, text Mrs. Scarlett a picture of you and your work by Friday, May 1st. 

For more Read Alouds, click here for stories read by our ELA Instructional Coach, Ms. Stauber:

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