May 18 - May 22 lessons
Although distant, let's continue to communicate, learn and grow together! In addition to our distance learning packets and online learning platform, here you will find your weekly lessons, information and resources to best support your child's learning at home. 

It is my hope that we will stay engaged and work together to promote best practices in preparing our scholars for first grade!

Mrs. Scarlett's Schedule and Contact Information:
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11:00 - 3:00 pm Parent and Student Support
Please feel free to call, text or email me at [email protected] with any questions, comments or concerns.
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*In addition to completing assignments below, be sure to log onto Lexia and iReady for 30 minutes each per day at:
Check-out my video below on Contraction Words for those of you who are on Lexia levels 6 and above.
Please reach out to me if you have misplaced or forgotten your child's login credentials. 

Re-enrollment Cliparts - Cliparts Zone
Please complete the enrollment packet online at: Please contact Ms. Bartlett at (571) 440-2381 or Ms. Tia at (571)440-2346 for questions and/or assistance with re-enrollment. 
Mrs. Scarlett's Weekly Shout-Outs for May 18th - 22nd!
Shine Out Shout Out

SHOUT-OUT to the following students for meeting Lexia usage last week: Lauryn, D'Asia, Kender, Carlos, Ja'ir, Davisson, Hosea, Brielle, Enmanuel, Amori, and Dakari!
SHOUT-OUT to the following students for leveling up in Lexia last week: Kender, Hosea, Enmanuel and Jessica!
SHOUT-OUT to the following students for meeting iReady usage last week: Carlos, Sophie, Kira and Treasure!
SHOUT-OUT to the following students who completed ALL work assigned on my teacher's page last week:  Brielle and Treasure! 
 Gentle Reminder (@genremrecs) | TwitterOur class goal is 1 hour per week of Lexia and iReady usage!!!! Parents please reach out to me if your child is in need of support while completing these lessons. 
Weekly Math Assignments: May 11th - May 15th: 

Objective:  I can choose tools to model and represent a stick of 10 cubes  broken into two parts. 

Directions:First, click on the lesson below titled, "Missing Addends: Finding a Missing Part." Then, solve the below addition problems.
Number Bonds - Lessons - Tes Teach
1. 1 + 1 = ____     2. 1 + 2 = ____     3.  2 + 1 = ____

4. ____ = 2 + 2     5.  3 + 1 = ____    6.  1 + 4 = ____

7. 4 + 1 = ____     8. ____ = 3 + 2     9. 5 + 1 = ____     

10. 2 + 3 = ____

When you are done, text Mrs. Scarlett a picture of you and your work. Please submit all work by Friday, May 22nd. 
Weekly Math Online Lessons 
Weekly Reading and Writing Assignments May 18th - May 22nd:

Reading: Scroll below to Online Resources, click on the link "Lots of Books." Read the story, "A House for Me" by Zaiga Cress.

Writing: Describe the house you live in. What color is your house? What shape is your house? Compare the size of your house? Draw a picture to match. 

When you are done, text Mrs. Scarlett a picture of you and your work by Friday, May 22nd.

For more Read Alouds, click here for stories read by our ELA Instructional Coach, Ms. Stauber:

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