Middle School Studio

Dear Art Students, I hope that you all are staying safe, healthy and creative at home.  Remember that art is everywhere and creativity is a constant even in crisis. Below is an overview of your art assignments in case you have not been able to access the content in your packets or via the link posted in this class' homepage. As a review of weeks 1-3's project steps: 

In the first week you were asked to think of and write three stories of conflict. The first story is a conflict of your own feelings. The second story would be a conflict they’ve had with another person. The last story expresses a conflict shared by two groups of people. Students can interview someone else who’s experienced those three kinds of conflicts and write it notes about these three incidents. In the second week you should refer to the stories written in the first week and look for certain words that stand out to them. Jot down those words—both positive and negative ones—in an artistic journal then view the following videos attached to the link:

George Butler Video

Matt Black Video

After viewing the videos, answer the question: 
How do artists and photojournalists differ in their approach to expressing conflict? In the third week: CREATE  You should take photos or make drawings based on the stories that you’ve written. In the fourth week COMPOSE a book using both the artwork and the stories of conflicts that you’ve documented.  Look at this video to help you create your book:

Book Binding Video