This is Ms. Campbell
Para-Educator Prek 4

Hope all is well!!!  We can still have fun amidst difficult times - just remember washing hands fight the spread of the coronavirus and other germs.  

Here are somethings you can do at home with your children (Prek 3 & 4).  You can set up play areas, for example a small room or a corner where you can make-believe play with them.  Children learn through play.  Some of the benefits of make-believe play: cognitive, communication, creative, physical, social and emotional skills.  set up play areas such as:

Restaurant     Grocery Store
Flower Shop       Hospital          Zoo
Pet Clinic         Arts and Crafts      Music 
These centers can be set up maybe one or two at a time, and everyone in the family can be a part of it.  You can also check this website for some more ideas.  Have fun and be safe!