Chun: Speech-Language Pathology

Speech Therapy
Hello! My name is Ms. Chun.

I am excited to work with you and your family as Browne EC's Speech Language Pathologist. My goal in speech and language therapy is to improve your scholar’s communication skills so they can be successful in the classroom.  I serve students in the areas of language development, articulation and phonology (speech sound disorders), stuttering, and social communication.

During the school year, I provide direct therapy services to students in individual and small group therapy. I also collaborate with teachers and families to help students carry over their skills into the classroom and home environments. 

As the parent, you also serve as a crucial partner in the success of your scholar.  At times, I will send home strategies or homework activities.  Please implement the strategies at home and complete the homework.  If you should have any questions about any of the activities sent home, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can be reached via text at (202) 630-7755, or by e-mail at [email protected]

Most importantly, I have started a website/blog at, where I will be uploading new activities and resources every week. Please bookmark the website so you can have easy access to all of the activities!

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Early Language, School-age Language, Higher Level Language

Articulation and Phonology