Fillion - 3rd Grade ELA & Social Studies

IMG_0002.jpeg                Welcome to Ms. Fillion's Page
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 11am-3pm 

Dear Families, 

I am grateful that we will have the opportunity to continue our work together. We will be using this portal to keep you up to date with classwork and materials. 

To access student assignments, please click on the "Useful Links" tab to the left of your screen.  You will see the weekly assignments.  Please click on the tab for each week.  

Please join Ms. Fillion for ELA & Social Studies support every Tuesday and Thursday, 1-2pm.  Details for call will be emailed. 

Join Ms. Kaczowka and Ms. Fillion for our Friday, May 21st Video Class at 1pm.  Details for call will be emailed.

Announcements & Resources:
1. Fox Plus is offering Lessons on TV every Tuesday at 10am - click the link for more details:

2. Free Remote Access for reading (our classroom code is: vnm4023) 

3. The DC Library has read alouds Monday-Friday at 10:30am via their facebook page. Link:

4. DCPS Online Resources.pdf

5. Crash Course Videos for Social Studies and Science. 

Ms. Fillion's 3rd Grade ELA & Social Studies Class