Week 4
Challenge #1: Story telling with Daily Objects

"When you watch a cartoon or a movie, you often hear different sounds to make it more fun to watch.  Many of the sound effects are created by the Foley artists with different objects!"

Watch the videos below to see examples of what a Foley artist is and what they do:

Foley Artists: How movie sound effects are made

How sound effects are made for movies

Challenge #1

Using your voice or daily objects, create the sounds that would fit the list below:

Horse Galloping

Fish Swimming

Heart Beating

Clock Ticking

Wind Blowing

Paper Flipping

Car Honking

Rats Running

Chopping Foot

Water Boiling

In the box at the bottom of the page, write or draw what you used to make each sound.


Challenge #2: Storytelling with Daily Objects

"Now that you finished creating some sounds, this challenge will be asking you to create sound effects for this story." 

The Blue Words are the sounds you are to try to create sound effects for during the story.

Try creating sounds with:

Your voice

Your Body





Plastic buckets






Musical Instruments

Challenge #2
Challenge #2

Once upon a time, there was a frog.  Her name was Tammy.  Tammy loved to sing songs while sitting on her lily pad.

The fish and the birds loved to come hear her sing. Afterwards, the audience would clap very loudly. After her performance, she would jump in the water and swim to the farm to see her friends.

At the farm, there were Billy the Goat, Ariana the Horse, Tom the Cat, and Mekhi the Duck.

Billy the Goat
enjoyed eating fresh grass.

Ariana the Horse
enjoyed galloping around the farm.

Tom the Cat
loved taking a nap.

Mekhi the Duck
enjoyed walking on the mud.

They were all playing outside but suddenly, they heard thunder. It began to drizzle quietly.

Tom the Cat
doesn't like getting wet, so he took the hay to cover himself.
Mekhi the duck
took a leaf and used it as an umbrella.  The rain got heavier and the thunder struck again. Tammy was scared and started to shiver. Ariana decided to send Tammy home.

So Tammy hopped on Ariana's back and Ariana ran quickly through the grass, then through the dirt, and over the road, and arrived at the pond. Tammy said goodbye to Ariana and she hid herself under a lily pad.

Soon after that, the sun came out and there was a nice breeze. Birds started singing and Tammy felt a lot better. She ribbitted and started singing with the birds. 


Practice your story at least 2 times to get really good at it.