Blog #21
Blog #21: Listening of the week
Free Listening!!!
You take control

Again this week, I'm keeping the approach to the listening of the week.  You pick the song you want to listen to and analyse.  It can be any song you want, but you have to fill in the questions below
Song Information

Name of song:

Genre of the song:
Year the song came out:
Link (if possible):

Artist Information

Name of Artist:

Tell me a three things about the artist:

Your Input

Favorite excerpt of lyrics:

Explain one thing about the song you like and why:
Explain one thing about the song you dislike and why:
How to Listen

Listen to all of or some of the song below a few times:

1st time:  Just listen and take it in
2nd time: Listen and follow along with the lyrics
3rd time:  Listen and focus on the music behind the lyrics


Click this link to answer the questions above about the song you chose