Blog #3
Career of the week: Music Journalist
Other titles: Writer, Reporter, Critic
Salary: $20,000-75,000 per year

Music Journalism

Today, anyone can be a music journalist.

With access to the internet, creating a music blog page or submitting interviews or articles to websites can open up this career to anyone willing to put in the work.

Journalists write about music.

They write articles about musicians or their music, they review albums, playlists, or specific songs, they interview musicians or people close to music to gain new perspectives.  They work closely with editors, photographers, publicists, other journalists, and musicians.


These days a lot of their work will take place behind a computer.

They spend time researching, writing, emailing, writing, calling contacts, and writing some more.  They might also spend time interviewing or listening to music live to get deeper insight into the subject of their writing.

The music industry never stops, so writers are always working.

The news cycle refreshes each day, every day things are written and published.  When an artist makes a headline, or a new tour is announced, or an album is released, all of these things require press and people writing about them so that a larger audience knows about them.  Why not start today?

The easiest way to become a Music Journalist is to start writing.

It is also helpful to read what other journalists write to give you an idea of what people like to read, how people like to write, and what people like to hear.  This can help shape how you write while also adding your own voice and thoughts/opinions. Many Music Journalists have a degree of some sort in English, Journalism, or Communications, however it is not required.  Just like any job, you must build your resume by writing and being published, so starting with anyone that will take you and then building up to premier magazines/newspapers/websites/radio/television establishments.  One place to start is to create a social media presence, which will give you people who want to hear what you have to say.


Review: Mac Miller "Circles"

News article about Chance the Rapper

Interview with Janelle Monae


After reading and watching the information above, click this link and answer the questions below:

If you were a music journalist, what musician would you most like to interview and why?

What is an album or song that you would like to write your own review of?