Week 1

In Week 1, you are asked to do two things:

Week 1 Task 1 PreK

1) Search for sound

What can you hear when you are sitting at home?  
Can you identify some sounds?  
How many types of sounds can you find in your home?

Week 1 Task 2 Pk

 2) Explore and create sounds

How many types of sounds can you create with the objects around you?  
Can you create at least 5 different sounds?

Week 1 Task 1:  

Above is a sample that I took outside of my apartment.  In this, I can hear:

Birds Chirping
Someone running
Cars in the distance
A dog barking
A siren
A car backing up
A child talking

Can you hear anything I missed?


Week 1 Task 2:

I chose 5 objects in my home and explored the different sounds that they could make by tapping them with a pencil.  Below, you'll see and hear the different ways that you could play each one.  

1) An Empty Jar

2.) A book 

3.) A tissue box

4.) A Squash

5.) A laundry hamper

Which one was your favorite?  What can you find in your home that could be played and explored like the objects I found?