Week 2

In Week 2, you are asked to do two things:

Week 2 Task 1

1.) Create sounds with Beats:

 *With the sounds you found or created in the previous activity, make a beat!

 *If you have learned rhythms at school, can you re-create some of them?

 *How many patterns can you create with different objects?

Week 2 Task 2

2.) Make homemade instruments

 *Work with your guardians to make a homemade musical instrument with the objects in your house

 *Don't forget to decorate your instrument!
Here is my attempt to complete Week 2 Task 1 where I took those found sounds from last week and made my own beat, I hope you enjoy!

Here is an example of the week 2 Task 2 to create your own instrument using household items.  I created a guitar out of rubber bands and a metal container and a simple drum set out of a few books!