May 11 - 15th lessons
Mrs. Scarlett's Weekly Shout-Outs for May 11 - 15th:
Shine Out Shout Out

SHOUT-OUT to our entire class for having 94% Lexia usage last week! 
SHOUT-OUT to Kira for leveling up to level 9 in Lexia last week. Keep up the good work! 
SHOUT-OUT to Dakari, Sophie and Treasure for meeting 1 hour or more usage in iReady last week! Awesome job scholars!
SHOUT-OUT to Brielle and Treasure for completing all work posted on my teacher's page last week. Your hard work does not go unnoticed.
SHOUT-OUT to the following students for joining me for live check-ins using Microsoft Teams: Jessica, Sophie, Jonathan, Carlos, Treasure, Lauryn, Dakari and Kira! It was good seeing all of your lovely faces and hearing from all of you. I miss you much! 
 Gentle Reminder (@genremrecs) | TwitterOur class goal is 1 hour per week of Lexia and iReady usage!!!! Parents please reach out to me if your child is in need of support while completing these lessons. 
Quick Links
Weekly Math Assignments: May 11th - May 15th: 

Objective:  I can choose tools to model and represent a stick of 10 cubes  broken into two parts. 

Directions:First, click on the links below for prerecorded lessons. Then,  Draw and complete a number bond and number sentence for each of the problems below. 
Number Bonds - Lessons - Tes Teach

1. Make a 10-stick. Color 6 blocks blue. Color the rest red. All of the blue blocks fell off the table. How many blocks are still on the table?

2. Color some blocks orange and the rest yellow to make 10. All of the yellow blocks fell off the table. How many blocks are left? 

3. Draw 5 dogs and some cats the 5-group way. 

4. How many ways can you make 10? Write or draw them on a sheet of paper or poster. 

When you are done, text Mrs. Scarlett a picture of you and your work. Please submit all work by Friday, May 15th. 
Weekly Math Online Lessons 
Weekly Reading and Writing Assignments May 11th - May 15th:

Reading: Scroll below to Online Resources, click on the link "Lots of Books." Read the story, "We Love the Library!" by Holly Hartman.

Writing: Think about one of your most favorite books. Write about your favorite part of the story. Draw a detailed picture about your favorite part of the story. 

Mrs. Scarlett's Example: My favorite book is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." My favorite part of the story is when the caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly. 
 Shop Marmont Hill - Handmade The Very Hungry Caterpillar Butterfly ... 

When you are done, text Mrs. Scarlett a picture of you and your work by Friday, May 15th.

For more Read Alouds, click here for stories read by our ELA Instructional Coach, Ms. Stauber:

Online Resources