Extended Day

Browne Education Campus is an Extended Day school.

What is Extended Day?

There simply are not enough hours in the school day to provide students with everything that they deserve. During the school day, teachers must make sure that students receive rigorous instruction in core subjects, have exposure to Art, Music, PE, libraries, technology, exposure to additional coursework like world languages, etc., and enjoy opportunities to explore advanced work in specialized fields. For students who need extra time to ensure they are successful, the challenge of a short school day is a bigger problem.

This is why DCPS made a commitment to fund extended school day opportunities. Primarily, Extended Day is geared towards all of DCPS’ middle grades and all of our 40 lowest performing schools.

DCPS’ Extended Day program is not simply an after school program – an extra period of time tacked on at the end of the day. Extended Day in DCPS is an extension of the traditional school day. An additional hour of instructional time is added at least four days per week with the end of the school day taking place at 4:15pm. During this time, teachers spend more time on instruction and students engage in more time on task, both of which have better outcomes for students. Extended Day has been effective in allowing educators at specific DCPS schools to increase their students’ literacy engagement and mathematics instruction as well as other core content areas. The aforementioned allows teachers to cover more material as well as allow students to engage in more blended learning and small group activities. It also enables teachers to provide research based, tiered interventions in a small group setting.
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